AICV takes part in CiderCon 2020


AICV attended the 10th edition of the CiderCon, organised by the American Cider Association in Oakland, California from January 28 to January 31 2020.

  • This 10th CiderCon conference of US national cider makers gathered 35 states, mostly from California, New York, Michigan, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts and Virginia. A set of presentations on various topics important for the American cider producers was delivered over a 2-day programme. Numerous cider tastings were also organised along these 2 days promoting the variety of products across the US.
  • Key take-outs from the statistics about the US cider market are that local cider sales in the US are up 15% since last year. And despite recent challenges from hard seltzer and flavoured beers, regional ciders are tracking double-digit growth. The industry now focuses on conveying the diversity of the cider category.