About AICV

L'Association des Industries des Cidres et Vins de fruits de l'UE (AICV), or the European Cider and Fruit Wine Association as we call it today, represents interests of European cider and fruit wine producers.

Although considerably smaller than the wine, beer, or spirits industries, it is nevertheless a fact that in recent years cider and fruit wines have enjoyed one of the fastest growth rates of all alcoholic beverages, underlining the continuous popularity of fermented fruit drinks down the ages.

The main objectives of the AICV are:

  • To represent the interests of its members among the EU authorities and institutions.
  • To develop any initiative with a view to promoting its industries.
  • To constitute a forum for the development of greater cooperation and solidarity among its members.

In addition, members of AICV commit themselves to produce cider and fruit wines on the basis of fermented fruit juice. This is manifested in the AICV Code of Practice. However, laws stipulating this condition do not exist in every country of the EU, which makes the importance of this industry Code even greater. By publishing a Code of Practice, the AICV aims to ensure that all its members as well as other relevant stakeholders within Europe recognize some basic production rules for manufacturing of Cider and Fruit Wine.  

With an unrivalled know-how built on centuries of tradition, and by combining natural raw materials with modern technology and creative marketing, the cider and fruit wine industries of Europe believe they can look forward to a flourishing future. Together we are working on maintenance of the character and high quality of our products, across Europe and beyond.