A wrap-up on US CiderCon 2023


A successful and well attended CiderCon 2023 held in Chicago on February 1-3 2023


Over 900 attendees were involved in conference sessions, tasting panels and a trade show over a 3 day period. Whilst principally focused on the domestic market the US Cider Association presented some highly professional speakers providing pertinent and useful market data for cider makers across the American Cider spectrum. Those European producers interested in entering the North American market could find this information of use. The Cider Share event and general sentiment of the producers present would indicate a very dynamic and innovative market place. The US cider sector volume reduced slightly last year, though a substantially smaller fall than in beer and wine. The fall was principally a result of national brand volume decline which hid the fact that regional producers have been experiencing strong growth. Finally, much to the relief of the sector, the bottom appears to have fallen out of the US Seltzer bubble.