AICV adopts a labelling commitment for ciders and fruit wines


Members of AICV adopt a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the provision of nutrition information and ingredient listing for cider and fruit wine sold in the EU


In its General Assembly of 17th of June 2021, members of AICV agreed upon a commitment on the provision of the energy value and list of ingredients on cider and fruit wine, as well as a number of specific principles and rules of implementation of these commitments. With that, AICV advocates for an ambitious self-regulatory approach that takes into account consumer information needs as well as sector specific aspects.

Concretely, signatories of this MoU commit to:

- Provide nutritional information per 100ml with the energy value in kJ/kcal on-label, while other nutritional information is optional and can be provided on-line

- Provide ingredient labelling, where ingredients must be listed in descending order of weight as recorded at the time of manufacturing following the provisions of regulation 1169/2011. This information will be made available either on-label, or on-line with on-label easy reference.

Signatories will support producers to meet the target dates to achieve market share (by volume) set out in this MoU:

- 50% of market to include the above by June 2022

- 65% of market to include the above by June 2023

- 80% of market to include the above by June 2024