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European Cider Trends 2018 is a collaboration between Global Data and the European Cider and Fruit Wine Association (AICV) in producing a presentation that demonstrates the current:

  • Key markets for cider (which includes perry, fruit flavoured cider and fruit wine)
  • Tax rates in EU countries
  • The important contribution which cider production makes to EU Agriculture

The purpose of the document is to increase the awareness of cider to stakeholders (principally lawmakers and those involved with policy formulation) who may not be familiar with cider and all its varieties.

Code of Practice

This Code of Practice has been produced by the Member Associations of the AICV. In accepting the Code, Member Associations agree to be bound by those legal and other requirements which relate to the production of cider, perry and fruit wines. Except where derogation has been allowed, European Legislation, incorporated into National Legislation, takes precedence over all other legislative and non-legislative agreements.

The objective of the Code is to ensure that Member Associations, and others within the Community, recognise that the products of the Cider and Fruit Wine Industries are alcoholic beverages produced only by fermentation. Cider and perry are derived by the fermentation of the juices of apples or pears, respectively, without at any time adding distilled alcohol. Fruit wines are based on the fermentation of the juices of fruits, other than grape, and may either be natural or fortified by the addition of distilled alcohol of agricultural origin.


The Code of Practice is available to AICV members through the website, and hard copies can also be obtained from the AICV Secretariat at Non-AICV members can also obtain the Code of Practice at a cost of €200.