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Global Cider Forum

Global Cider Forum Organizers

140 attendees – producers, suppliers, representatives from research and sales – visited the first Global Cider Forum in Frankfurt.

Speakers and visitors hailed from 17 countries, among them Sweden, Denmark and Finland, Rumania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Poland and Italy. Participants from China and the USA undertook the longest journeys to attend the international trade conference.

The program of the Global Cider Forum included presentations about the situation of the cider market in various countries, consumer research regarding new trends as well as other current topics such as the role of cider in hip bars and restaurants. Other aspects such as the supply of raw materials and ingredients and legal principles were also covered.

The list of speakers included, among others, Kevin Baker, Global Research Manager Beer & Cider at the British company Global Data, Johannes Dorn from Rheingold Institute, Fiona Curtin, Global Business Development Manager Heineken International (Amsterdam),
Dr. Jörg Krämer, Chief Economist of Commerzbank, as well as the US Cider Makers Director. Mr. Zhao Hongyou, Director of China Fruit Wine Industry, presented technological innovations from the Chinese fruit wine market. He predicted an unprecedented triumph for the fruit wine industry in his country.

Reasons for the increasing popularity of cider are the fresh, natural image of cider and the clear consumer demand for mild drinks with a lower alcohol content. But it also became clear that keeping first-time consumers interested is a big challenge.

Between presentations the cider forum participants had the opportunity to discuss specifics and challenges of the cider markets in the various countries and to taste international cider products at several tasting booths.

Global Cider Forum Full-house

At the General Assembly of 12 June 2015, the AICV adopted the 6th Edition of the AICV ‘Code of Practice’.

This edition of the Code of Practice is based on the original version prepared by the members of the AICV in 1998, and subsequently updated in 2006.

It takes account of changes in commercial practice and/or legislation in the EU. The Code is based on our individual and collective understanding of industry practice and legislation affecting the production, packaging and labelling of cider, perry and fruit wines throughout those countries within the European Union that are represented by the AICV.

The Code of Practice is available to AICV members through the website, and hard copies can also be obtained from the AICV Secretariat at Non-AICV members can also obtain the Code of Practice at a cost of €200.


At the Executive Committee of 26 November 2014, the AICV adopted the ‘Labelling and Ingredients Listing Guideline’.

The purpose of this document is to provide best practice advice, in the form of labelling guidelines, for providing ingredient and nutrition information and responsible drinking messaging on pack, for those companies that wish to provide this information on a voluntary basis.

If you are interested in the AICV Labelling and Ingredients Listing Guideline, see here how to become a subscriber.