Enjoy our Cider and fruit wines responsibly: drink in moderation

The European cider and fruit wine industry promotes responsible consumption and enjoyment as a cultural/social norm, with a view to preventing and reducing alcohol abuse and related harm.

Guidelines for Responsible and Moderate drinking

It is accepted that moderate consumption ranges between the amounts set out in the guidelines below.

Based on available scientific evidence and different references provided by various public health authorities.


  • Up to 2 drink units a day for women
  • Up to 3 drink units a day for men
  • No more than 4 drink units on any single occasion
  • Alcohol should be avoided in certain situations such as when pregnant,
  • when taking certain medication or when working machinery

Drinking beyond nationally recommended guidelines could increase the risk of harm.

Drink water, tea, coffee or non-alcoholic drinks between each alcoholic drinks.

Misuse of alcohol causes harm

The misuse of alcohol is one of the main causes of premature death and avoidable disease. It also has social consequences, both for the drinker and for others in the community. Causes of death include road traffic accidents, injuries, violence and liver disease.

Alcohol misuse has also been associated with a range of long-term chronic diseases that reduce the quality of life. These include hypertension, cardiovascular problems, cirrhosis of the liver, alcohol dependence, and various forms of cancer, alcohol-related brain damage and a range of other problems.

For more information visit Talking Alcohol and the European Forum for Responsible Drinking (EFRD).

Pregnant women should avoid alcohol

Immoderate consumption of alcoholic beverages in pregnant women can cause malformations of the embryo and their offspring may exhibit symptoms of foetal alcohol syndrome. This is the reason why alcoholic beverages should be avoided during pregnancy.

Adolescent Drinking

The laws in Members states on minimum legal purchase age and consumption must be respected and adherence encouraged.

Adolescent alcohol consumption is particularly harmful as it interferes with growth, nutrition and personality development. Therefore underage people should not consume alcoholic beverages.

If you are under 18 years of age click here:

Drinking and driving

If you drink don't drive; if you do drink never exceed the blood alcohol concentration limits established for drivers in your country.

The ability to drive is negatively affected by alcohol consumption. It is for this reason that we recommend to avoid drinking if you drive and – in any case – to never exceed the BAC limits legally established for drivers.

Responsible drinking patterns: steps to enjoying cider and fruit wine.

Here are some guidelines to drink cider and fruit wine responsibly and at the same time optimising their enjoyment:

  • Understand the cider and fruit wine you drink: knowing where its unique character comes from makes drinking the more pleasurable.
  • Drink slowly: take the time to savour the drink's distinctive taste.
  • Accompany wine with good food:
    • enjoy cider and fruit wine that complements your meal occasions,
    • Alongside a glass of water or other non-alcoholic beverage.
  • Regular consumption of small amounts of cider and fruit wine is preferable to binge drinking large amounts on a single occasion.
  • Do not exceed the guidelines for moderate alcohol consumption.

Responsible marketing and advertising

AICV members market their cider and fruit wines in a responsible way and play a full part in promoting the legislation or voluntary codes that regulate marketing and advertising.

In the absence of national guidelines and legislation AICV encourages its members to adhere to EFRD guidance.