Standardisation and authenticity of product

Ciders and fruit wines, with a pedigree established over 20 centuries, and a proud tradition and history, have played a prominent role in helping to make fruit growing become one of the most important sectors of European agriculture.

The members of AICV commit themselves to produce cider and fruit wines on the basis of fermented fruit juice. This is manifested in the AICV Code of Practice. However, laws stipulating this condition do not exist in every country of the E.U.; some member countries even lack simple legislative rules. For this reason, it sometimes happens that products appear in the market which call themselves cider or fruit wine, and are not made of fermented fruit juice, but with neutral alcohol as are most of the new age beverages. This type of beverage is rejected by AICV for the appellations ‘Cider’, ‘Perry’ (from pears), and ‘Fruit Wine’.

Wider choice for consumers has made the European market for cider and fruit wine much more difficult. The industry has responded by ensuring that high quality and innovation in its products are the foundations for a long life cycle in the market. The AICV is also putting great effort into promoting its quality criteria among countries outside the EU. The interest from third countries in quality regulation for cider and fruit wine is very high and they look to AICV to lead in this field.

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