In 1961, the Cider and Fruit Wine Associations of Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands created a “Committee of the Cider and Fruit Wine Industry of the EEC”.

This Committee only met informally, however. It was then reorganized and structured in 1968 as the "Association of the Cider and Fruit Wine Industries of the EEC (AICV)"; which immediately set up a permanent secretariat in Brussels.


The AICV currently represents the interests of 10 EU member countries, through national associations or directly affiliated producers.

The Statutes also allow the associations of the cider and fruit wine industries of the EU applicant countries to become members of the AICV.


The main objectives of the AICV are:

  • To represent the interests of its members among the EU authorities and institutions.
  • To develop any initiative with a view to promoting its industries.
  • To constitute a forum for the development of greater cooperation and solidarity among its members.

In addition, by publishing a Code of practice, the AICV aims to ensure that the Member Associations and others within the EU recognize that the products of the Cider and Fruit Wine Industry are alcoholic beverages produced only by fermentation:

  • cider and perry are derived by the fermentation of the juices of apples or pears, respectively, without at any time adding distilled alcohol.
  • fruit wines are based on the fermentation of the juices of fruits, other than grape, and may either be natural or fortified by the addition of distilled alcohol of agricultural origin.