AICV activities

Excise duties – taxation

The AICV's policy as regards taxation reflects one of the major concerns of its members and has been outlined in a “Common Position”:

All indirect taxes must be considered together, assessing their effect on retail prices and the impact on consumer choice. Excise duties cannot be considered separately from other taxes.

Excise duties can be accepted up to a certain level in order to attain optimum tax revenue from different consumer goods.

Social aspects

The AICV supports the view that moderate consumption of alcohol is perfectly acceptable but that excessive consumption should be discouraged.

The AICV participates in the work of the overall European alcoholic drinks industry in developing codes of best practice.

Technical Cooperation

To ensure regulation that is favourable to the development of the European industry, the AICV closely follows the development of European and national legislations concerning:

  • labelling
  • food ingredients
  • standardization and authenticity of products
  • food safety – protection of the environment
  • packaging and packaging waste


The AICV works closely with the FoodDrinkService(Confédération des Industries Agro-alimentaires de l'U.E.) and other organizations in the beverage industry, sharing the same concern to defend common interests on particular aspects. The AICV welcomes contact with associations of cider and fruit wine producers from outside the EU.